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OptiStem produces interactive game - The Road to the Clinic

By Jan Barfoot - Posted on 07 July 2012

Road to the Clinic GameRoad to the Clinic GameMany people are not sure what clinical trials are or how reserach in labs ends up as a therapy in the clinic.  The MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine and OptiStem have worked together to produce an interactive and colourful table-top game on the subject of clinical trials.  The game represents the research journey from 'bench to bedside' as a pathway with challenges that must be overcome.  Two teams blow ping pong balls (representing scientists) around a track - they start by 'getting funding' and finish in the centre with a therapy - sounds simple...but it is not!  Tokens are used to show what must be achieved at each stage and to illustrate the complexities Characters for the gameCharacters for the gameof the process.  


The game is designed to be engaging for visitors to labs at Open Days and Science Festivals. It is complementary to OptiStem's Hope Beyond Hype graphic story ( and comes with an additional set of card games which show the different types of people that are needed on the 'road to the clinic' and what their roles are.


Any OptiStem research group can borrow Road to the Clinic. Contact Jan Barfoot (j [dot] barfoot [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk) for more information and to arrange postage.